Airbiquity, Inc. is the global leader in connected vehicle services with more than sixteen million connected vehicles on the road conducting hundreds of thousands of transactions per day across its infrastructure.

Portfolio Companies

Acorn Ventures Inc.

PakSense is a market leader in the development of intelligent sensing products specifically designed to monitor perishable goods. PakSense products help manufacturers, distributors and retailers determine the quality and safety of food, pharmaceutical and other environmentally sensitive products. Paksense was Acquired by Emerson electric Co. (NYSE:EMR) in 2016.

Ever want to buy a friend a drink at your favorite bar? Using Gratafy you can choose the gift and the place and send it instantly. Being fully integrated into establishment Point of Sale systems, all your friend has to do is show up and collect it. Gratafy is also used by major brands such as Budweiser and Absolut for one-to-one marketing to consumers.

Centricity Music is an independent , full-service music company with offices in Nashville.

Cheezburger is the largest online humor network in the world with sites like I Can Has Cheezburger (aka lolcats), FAILBLOG, MEMEbase, and ROFLrazzi.

Omni Retail Group is an enterprise-proven cloud-based solution for retailers and manufacturers that helps shoppers choose and purchase faster the right product based on their individual preferences. 


Remitly is a technology company has built the most simple and secure way to send money to other around the world.

PAST Portfolio Companies


Coinstar, Now Outerwall (NASDAQ:OUTR) pioneered self-service coin counting to provide consumers a convenient and innovative means to convert loose coins into cash. Today, Coinstar, Inc. has a multi-national offering of 4th Wall solutions for the retailers consisting of self-service coin counting, electronic payment solutions, entertainment services, money transfer and self-service DVD rental.

Infospace (NASDAQ: BCOR) InfoSpace uses its proprietary metasearch technology to power a portfolio of branded Web sites and provide private-label search and online directory services to consumers on a global basis. With the acquisition of TacAct, Infospace changed it's name to Blucora.

Radian Labs uses technology originally developed by the government to dampen vibration in rocket engines to produce "active materials" which can redirect up to 50% of impact energy. Applications range from golf putters to running shoes to safety helmets.

Aloompa's FestApp is the leading provider of turn-key, best-in-class mobile applications for music, food, conference and community focused events in the U.S. and abroad.


bLoyal helps retailers build profitable, lasting customer relationships through powerful loyalty technology, automation, and integration across sales channels and devices attributes. 

Flyp is a US-based telecommunications company changing the global consumer communication experience. The company's proprietary platform delivers the highest quality voice and text communications in or out of network, while enabling the use of multiple phone numbers on a single device. 

Textile-Based Delivery, Inc. has developed four patented technologies that enable the secure and controlled delivery of "Active" ingredients imbedded in fabric yarns to a target location over a long period of time, and through hundreds of laundering cycles.

Metabrite technology efficiently captures customer receipt information to create a more complete, long-term picture of purchasing behavior across millions of consumer purchases at points of sale in virtually any retail channel.

Utrip brings together the best in artificial intelligence and human experience to make it easy for travelers to create their perfect trip quickly. The technology uses your interests and budget to sort through millions of options including must-see sites, activities, events and restaurant recommendations to deliver \r personalized itineraries in minutes


Perkz Mobile is a platform that allows customers of subscription based business, such as mobile phone carriers and cable systems, to turn online and offline shopping into monetary credits toward their service bills.